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Blue Arrow Care knows that comprehensive senior care extends far beyond just providing assistance with basic needs. That is why we offer our companion care services in addition to our general care services. We address all aspects of a senior’s life, striving to enrich their day in every way! While getting help with making meals, keeping the house clean, and picking up medications is essential, so is having a friend to talk to. Our companionship services from our personal assistants meet this need.

Our personal assistants truly care about the seniors we serve. They get to know them, build relationships, and keep them company throughout the week. Having a visit from a friend can be encouraging, energizing, and uplifting for an elderly individual.

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Pairing Basic Care with Meaningful Companionship

When people age, they can often lose the family members, spouses, and friends that were closest to them. Having a companion around can make all the difference in their lives. When Blue Arrow Care personal assistants come for a visit, they provide social interaction, friendship, and support with everyday tasks. This can make living at home easier and more comfortable for a senior.

Our companionship services can include the following:

  • Help with laundry
  • Daily check-ins
  • Running errands together
  • Pet care and assistance
  • Personal care check-ups
  • Meal preparation and clean-up
  • Friendly visits

We have been providing compassionate senior care services for long time. We understand the needs of elderly individuals and strive to meet these needs in any way we can—whether that be through weekly visits or daily check-ins.

The One-to-One AttentionYour Loved One Needs

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Companionship Services for Seniors- Blue Arrow Care
Companionship Services for Seniors- Blue Arrow Care

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