Compassion is the goal to be achieved here:


Striving towards one’s financial gain is the greatest traits of modern day society. This leads to stress, depression, and disconnection from the world around us. As a human being the most incredible thing about us is that our emotional and spiritual consciousness connects us to each other and the environment. The most essential thing in our life is ‘’Love’’ without which we cannot survive. This ‘’love’’ helps us to free ourselves and other living beings from pain. In other words, it is ‘’compassion’’; actions born out of sympathy and empathy- which tries to alleviate sufferings. While acts of true compassion come from a selfless intuition, the rewards are plenty for anyone who practices it. It is an undeniable fact that when we perform kind deeds towards others we feel satisfied. On a biochemical level that can be attributed to the release of endorphins and the anti-aging hormone DHEA and a reduction in the stress hormone ‘Cortisol’.



On a certain emotional level compassion deepens our connections- not just with others, but with our own inner self. And on the other hand in the spiritual level, the compassion deepens the connections with our ‘creator’; which should be the starting point for any pursuit of inner happiness.

Looking kindly on yourself will allow you to practice true compassion, without the intent of personal gain, as well as making you more receptive to compassion from others.

Some people are born with an unusually heightened sense of empathy and are called empaths. They are highly sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others as well as the energy of the environment at large. In a society that does not embrace and encourage emotional expression; where stress and pessimism is sadly widespread, it is difficult for an empath to thrive. But if these unique beings can master their gifts and skill they make excellent carers and healers of both people and nature by reducing sufferings.



As a human being, we are all capable of being compassionate even if we are not an empath by nature. A small act of kindness such as holding a door while letting someone in/out or helping someone with their bags can lead to a domino effect, where the kindness and compassion produces a ripple effect. The world will be a better place if we all cultivate our compassionate feelings.


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