Get equipped this New Year:

Get equipped this New Year:  with variety of tools and products available that can allow you to take care for a loved one to a whole new level.


There’s a variety of tools and products available on the market, allowing carers to take caring for a loved one to a whole new level.

With every person having different needs, it’s the carers job to prevent accidents from happening. People living with cancer, dementiaAlzheimer’s, and all other progressive or neurocognitive health conditions that may cause cognitive impairment, especially require more help compared to others who may be facing weakening and loss of abilities naturally with age.

There are several responsibilities that are a part of a Care Worker’s job description, and this is the same for a family carer. They range from helping with meals, bathing, bathroom activities, making sure they take their necessary medications and supplements, and just supervising them in general. Through the gadgets mentioned below, not only will their job become easier but it will also help him prevent further injuries or worsening of the person’s condition. 

Here are some products that can help you enhance your experience in caregiving…

Motion-sensor alarm

This gadget can easily allow you to monitor your loved one, day and night, even while they sleep. The motion sensor technology will alert you every time there is movement in the room, this is very essential for people who may get epileptic fits, or tend to fall off the bed.

Other than this, when a person gets up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, something may go wrong during the process, all of this can be avoided with a motion sensor alarm. People living with dementia may take a walk about at unexpected times; this can be avoided by placing motion sensor alarms at every exit and entrance of the person’s home.

Adjustable vehicle door-frame strap

Traveling can be a challenging task. The weakness that they face may hinder them from travelling easily, especially have trouble getting in and out of the car.

Car door frame straps are adjustable straps that can easily hang from the top of the door frame in your car. You can attach it to the frame by rolling down the window, and then roll up the window again in order to secure it in its place. The easy grip handle can allow your loved one to balance and pull themselves up to get out of the car. The strap can also be used by people to get in the car themselves by steadying their weight with the help of the handle so that they can lift their leg easily as they get in; this can enhance their feelings of independence.

Non-slip mats and stickers

This particular project is not only helpful for reducing the risk of falls, but is also safer for any household in general. It is a vinyl like material which stops utensils, tools, and probably anything from slipping off a surface. You can put plates and glasses on them to avoid them from slipping off a table in case your loved one makes any sudden movements.

They can be placed in the bathroom to avoid slipping on the wet tile floors. There are non-slip stickers available as well which can be stuck onto the floor of a bathtub, so that whenever a person gets up to come out of the tub, they don’t slip. It can also be cut into small pieces and added to different utensils that the carer or their loved one can prevent it from slipping from their hands or off the table.

Pill Organizers

These dispensers come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different organization sections, varied according to day and time, helping people to take their medication at the right time and the right dose.

You can fill the organizer for up to a week or even a month in some cases, depending on the size. This way you won’t have to take out the pills at each medicine time, you or your loved one would just need to pop open one compartment and take out the pill for that particular time of the day. It is especially helpful in keeping people adherent towards complex medicine regimen, where there are different kinds of capsules and pills to be taken multiple times a day.

Devices with big clear buttons

Older people often have a problem in using mobile phones or remotes with small buttons and controls, mostly because they can’t see or understand properly.

If your loved one wishes to call other family members or watch some TV, they may face difficulty in doing so with the regular devices that we use. They may get confused or even frustrated by just dialing a number on a mobile phone. Fortunately, there is the ability to buy big button or simple remote controls, and phones which can easily help the situation.

Dementia tracker

The main idea behind a tracker device is to track patients who tend to take to walking off unexpectedly. This is very common among people living with dementia, and it can be dangerous as well. Through a simple bracelet like tracker, the carer can always know the location of their loved one, usually by calling a phone number. You can also inform the police to connect with the tracker, and they can help you in the situation if it is out of your reach.

It is true that caring for someone is difficult, especially when it comes to older people where their abilities are in decline; however with the help of these tools, you can easily take care for your loved ones to a whole new level.




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